Maintaining the Beauty of Your Marble Vases

By David Artstone

A marble vase is a beautiful accessory that can add class and sophistication to any space. Marble is a natural stone that has been used in famous works of art and architecture for centuries. The choice of kings, marble has an inherent beauty and power that comes both from its smoothly polished surface, and from its mountain born heritage.

Unfortunately marble also has a few characteristics that can make it a unique problem to clean and maintain. Luckily there are a variety of ways to get around these inherent problems in order to keep your vases looking beautiful and clean.

The first thing you have to understand is that marble is a natural base in an acid base relationship. Aside from being an interesting chemistry fact, it is also important because when this material comes in contact with anything that is acidic a reaction will occur. This reaction will cause the marble to discolor, and will leave a stain in the vase which will be impossible to get out.

Unfortunately, most of the cleansers that you buy at the store are acidic chemicals. Acid kills germs, and so they use it to make the cleaners more powerful, for less money. Other acidic substances include fruit juice and pasta sauces. If any of these splash onto your marble vase by mistake you could be in trouble.

When cleaning the vase all you have to do is take a warm wash cloth and use it to gently wipe the surface of the piece. This should be enough to clean most messes. If you have something you can't get off, you can just run the vase under warm water while rubbing it with a sponge or soft cloth.

Never use a brillow pad or anything hard that can scratch the surface of the marble. The perfect polish of the stone is one of its draws, and you don't want to ruin that by cutting into it.

As long as you are sure to avoid these simple errors, you should be able to keep your vase looking beautiful for years to come. - 31879

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The Astounding Copy Cat Caper

By Miles Sunkest

If you like easy to learn card tricks that are a snap to perform, you've come to the right place. This simple trick will seem to be incredibly confusing to the audience, so the reveal at the end is particularly amazing. You don't need any special skills or sleight of hand moves. You can do this trick alone, or amongst many others.

This is the way the trick will unfold to your cheerful viewers. You generate two packs of cards, with a different create on the back. You ask an spectators member to come forward to aid you out. You give them one stack, plus direct them to accomplish the same thing as you. You both shuffle the cards a few times, and then substitute decks with them.

Once you exchange decks, you both go through the deck, and decide on a card. You space your card on crest of your pack, and they do the same with theirs. Then you cut your pack a few times, and they likewise do the same with theirs. Then you switch decks when more. After that you have them search through the deck, and find their card, putting it face down on the table. You do the same, and spot yours exact next to theirs. So they have chosen their card from your pack, and you have chosen your card from their stack. They will be startled beyond belief once they spot that both cards are the same.

Here's the trick. Before you hand them your deck, take a sudden peak at the bottom card. Next, they will pick a card plus spot it on crown of the stack. Once they cut the cards, they will be placing the card that you've seen on zenith of their cards. No matter how many times they cut the deck, their card will be beneath the card that you've witnessed.

So when you swap decks a second time, you effortlessly pull out the card that is below the card that was on the bottom of the stack before you gave it to them. They will, of course, pick the same card from your deck, as it's their chosen card. There is so much stack switching, and cutting, plus card choosing, there's no way anybody can pursue this. So naturally, they will be amazingly impressed when time and time once more, your card matches theirs.

There are a couple ways to set this up, or create your "story" to go along with this trick. You can claim to be spiritual, and read their minds. Or you can chastise every time for breaking into your mind as well as reading your opinion. Or if you desire to have some cool, just pretend that you have no thought what is going on, plus the two cars being the same is a pure mystery. Have a pleasant time with this straightforward caper. - 31879

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The Tremendous Aces That Continually Rise To The Top

By Miles Sunkest

This is a great trick that always impresses any audience. One of the cool things about this trick is that once you set the deck up, it will work every time, as it is a "self working" magic trick. The cards will do all the work. It's an up close trick, so you can do this for one person or a small group of friends.

Here's how this commanding trick will materialize to your stunned throng. You pull out a pack of cards, as well as begin to shuffle it. As you are shuffling it, you coach some long, convoluted tale regarding four aces, plus how they always levitate to the occasion. As soon as you are finished shuffling, you ask a volunteer to come up plus part the deck into four stacks of approximately equal height.

Then you coach them to take three cards off the summit of one of the stacks, and space them on the bottom. Then take another three off the pinnacle, and place one of each on crown of the other three small stacks. Have them repeat this for the other three stacks, taking three off the peak, putting them on the bottom, and then another three and placing them one at a time on each of the three stacks they aren't working with. Make unconscious to never glimpse at the face of the cards.

All the while, you are continuing to tell your long and intricate story of the magic Aces, and how they always find their way to the crown. You create some kind of magic wand, or wave your hands plus utter some primordial breathtaking words, plus carefully tap the top of each of the four small stacks. Have your spectator turn over the top card on each small stack, and it they will distinguish the four Aces.

This ploy is actually quite easy one you recognize how to compilation the deck up. You clearly start with all four Aces on top. And make habitual to remember which stack has the four aces once you separate the cards, and make mindless they work with that stack definitive. As soon as they get to that stack, it will have four Aces, plus three other cards on apex, from the previous stacks. You readily take those three cards off the pinnacle, plus put them on the bottom, just like with the other stacks. Now you have four Aces, as well as you'll take three of those as well as put them directly on apex of the other stacks.

After you first generate the deck, it's valuable to rearrange the deck a few times, while making unconscious the four Aces stay on crown. This is fairly straightforward, just make certain as soon as you cut the deck before shuffling, to spot the half with the four Aces in your exact hand, and once shuffling them together to simply make mechanical that the four Aces are among the ending cards to go on crest of the completed deck after you shuffle. You'll find the mass loves this ploy, as well as they will never figure out how you accomplish it. Have fun. - 31879

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How To Undoubtedly Make The Hearts And Diamonds Jump Through The Deck

By Miles Sunkest

If you like to impress your friends with simple card tricks, then you've come to the right place. Here's a fantastically simple trick that you'll be able to do once you finish reading this. Despite being shockingly simple to learn and to do, you'll never get caught if you it right. And don't worry, because doing it right is super easy.

This is how it will materialize to your startled viewers or acquaintances (or stranger on the street for that matter!) You stroll up as well as say that you have a magic deck of cards. You quickly fan through the deck, so they can distinguish it's a fairly everyday deck. Not a ruse deck filled with the Three of Clubs or something like that.

Then you tap the peak of the deck, plus show them the peak two cards. No big deal, right? Then you tap the deck once more, but those same two cards are now at the bottom! Then you take those two cards off the bottom, and put them in center of the deck. Tap the deck when more (you can borrow a pencil or something plus use it as a magic wand if you like), as well as the two cards are yet again at the acme! You scratch your head, as well as go on to another caper, or if this is with a stranger at a party or something, you scratch your head plus stroll away. This will leave a fabulous effect, plus they will never forget you!

OK, here's the secret. This only works with the Two plus Three of both Diamonds and Hearts. As soon as you start, you'll have the Two of Hearts, as well as the Three of Diamonds on top, as well as the Two of Diamonds, and the Three of Hearts on the bottom. When you exhibition them the zenith two cards, they won't glance very closely. Then when you exhibition them the bottom two, they will incredulity what the heck is going on, as they will assume they are the same cards, once they exceedingly aren't.

Then you speedily take them, stick them anyplace in the middle (you can even separate them if you like), plus once more display them the cars on peak, which are different from the ones they just saw, but they won't remember. This most excellent if you can make up some goofy tale involving hearts plus diamonds, three guys and two girls, or whatever. That way they'll be looking at the cards even less closely.

Don't anxiety about being caught, as it almost never happens. It will only happen if they've seen the ruse before, or if you hold the cards out for too long. All they very need to perceive is that one is a Two, the other is a Three, as well as they are both red. if you coach a nice allegory concerning two of something, three of something else, as well as hearts and diamonds, they won't have a warning, and will be appropriately impressed with your supernatural abilities. Have fun. - 31879

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The Dazzling Mind Reading Illusion

By Miles Sunkest

If you like the idea of doing a very entertaining and amazing party trick, look no further. This is a great psychic transmission trick that you can use with a deck of cards, or anything else for that matter. It only requires a little bit of set up beforehand, and you can entertain the party for hours with this trick, as you can do it again and again and they will never catch on to how you do this.

Here is how the ruse will seem to your stunned spectators. You describe that your acquaintance has a talent of reading your mind, but he or she can only read your mind. They will obviously ask for a exhibition, and you design a regular pack of cards. You let anybody peek through the cards to ensure it's not a secret deck, then you ask your associate to leave the area, or the room for a couple of minutes.

The throng, or person you are doing this ruse with chooses, any card. You don't even contact the deck. They fan the deck, pick out the card, show it to you, plus put it in their pocket. Your assistant, or acquaintance, comes back in the area, plus sits or stands behind you, plus position their fingers on your temple, just like Spock would do in a Vulcan mind meld. After a few moments, your buddy or associate guesses the card.

Here's the ruse. When they point their hands, or fingers, on your temple, you delicately clench your jaw together a number of times according to a pre compilation code between you and your partner. If you try now, you can spread your temple plus feel the muscles tighten when you clench your jaw slightly. For example, you could start off by clenching to indicate the suit, pause as well as then clench to indicate the number of the card.

It can also help if you can put your head down slightly, as well as they can fan their entire palms flat against the side of your face. That will have a more striking influence, plus will cover up any unambiguous clenching. Also, you'll need to clarify why your partner needs to touch you only on that place for it to work, so you'll need to come up with a good story. You can elucidate that your partner is part Vulcan or something.

Of course, this isn't limited to card tricks. If you and your partner be taught Morse code, you can transmit all kinds of information between each other plus entertain your contacts for hours. One fantastic example is to blindfold your partner, and then have folks in the viewers hold up simple things, and then you transmit them using Morse code. If he or she is blindfolded, they will be more focused on the integrity of the blind fold than any procedure of transmission. I'm natural you can believe of a fate of other superb ways to use this entertaining ruse. Have amusing. - 31879

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Unseen Academicals, Terry Pratchett

By Britt Hellman

The latest novel by Great Britain's best-selling author Terry Pratchett is a parody on European football (soccer) and all the cultural phenomena that go along with it, such as cheerleading and football hooliganism. The book, Unseen Academicals may therefore be a bit more exciting to Europeans than to Americans.

But really, the book is about so much more than football (soccer) and makes for fabulous entertainment for anybody, American or British. It is also a book about fashion super models (and their association with football super stars); pies of every conceivable variety (and their association with football fans); as well as goblins and orcs (association to football unknown).

In the hallmark Terry Pratchett tradition, things on the Discworld are just like in our own world, only hilariously exaggerated. Instead of cheerleaders, the Discworld has naiads dancing on the sidelines, and in the place of our tail-gate markets, there are cart-tail vendors.

The main character in the book is the goblin-turned-orc Mr. Nutt, who is one of only a dozen or so surviving orcs on Discworld. In a display of philanthropy, two of the world's most powerful despotic rulers decide to take Nutt on as a project, to help not only him but his entire persecuted race.

It should be said that it's not the first time these two enlightened leaders have done this. In the past, they have assisted in the social integration of rock trolls, golems, werewolves and vampires. Insistent rumors have it that Lady Margolotta herself is one of the latter.

Mr. Nutt gets sent from Lady Margolotta's Uberwald to Lord Vetinari's Ankh-Morpork and assigned the task to accumulate 'worth' in human society. In doing so, Nutt gains many loyal friends and admirers in his workplace, the Unseen University. Co-worker Trev Likely goes to any length to defend his orc friend, and the head mistress of the Night Kitchen, Miss Glenda Sugarbean (creator of the crusty onion pie) becomes a staunch admirer, which later leads to a budding romance.

By impressing his superiors at Unseen University with his knowledge and knack for strategic thinking, Mr. Nutt eventually gets placed in charge of coaching the school's new football team. And then one thing leads to another.

Unseen Academicals may be a parody on the phenomenon of European football (soccer), as well as a number of other things thrown in for good measure, but soccer fan or not, this book will give you many hours of joyous reading and barrels of laughs. - 31879

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The Remarkable Card Collection Trick That Is Never Understood

By Miles Sunkest

Here's a great trick that is simple to set up and almost automatic to do. This is an up close card prediction trick, and there are plenty of ways to reveal this. You can turn this into a psychic mind reading trick, or any other of your favorite ways to reveal their chosen card. It's simple to do, and you scarcely have to even touch the deck of cards to be able to do this amazing trick.

Here's how the ruse will look to the spectators, or person you are doing the ploy with. Take a deck straight of a box. Ask them to choose any card, and then place it on top of the deck. Cut the deck once. Make sure to be apparent that when you cut the deck, you aren't looking at the cards at all.

They will be startled past belief when you evenly take the deck, after you've cut it, fan the cards out and choose theirs out without even getting anxious. They will be astounded beyond belief, and you will rapidly gain a reputation as a overwhelmingly skilled conjurer.

Here's how to accomplish the trick. You'll want to do a couple of things for this stunt to work out. First you'll want to "stack the deck." This means arranging the cards in a detailed order ahead of time. You'll want to choose your favorite suit, take them out of the deck, and put them in order. Then position them on the bottom of the deck, so the Ace is the card on the bottom, followed by the two, then the three, etc. Be careful that you don't show them the cards in the deck.

Secondly, you'll want to be watchful that when they take their card, they don't choose it from your chosen suit that has been carefully ordered. This is straightforward, as it only requires they select a card in the top three quarters of the deck. If you want to rely on chance, they will commonly choose from this area. But to be on the safe side, you may want to tell them to decide on from the top half. Have them pick out their card, and place it on top of the deck. You don't even have to handle the deck. They can do all the work.

Now readily cut the deck from within your pre selected suit of cards. So cut from anyplace in the bottom quarter of the deck. Then once you rapidly glance at the bottom card, and you'll know precisely what card you have just placed on top of theirs. Then you certainly fan out the deck, particular not to show them the cards, and pull their card out. Or you can speedily look through the deck until you make out their card, and then reveal it any way you like. Have fun with this extraordinary trick. - 31879

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